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2021 Northmen Lacrosse programming coming soon!!!


please fill this pre-screening in before each lacrosse event. Provide proof of completion at entrance to your practice/game or event. To be done on the day of event. Make sure you pick your childs appropriate age group





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March 8, 2021

Update: 2021 Return to Lacrosse

If it was a regular year the 2021 Lacrosse Season would be upon us, but it is not a regular year. I hope that everyone has remained safe, and is looking forward to playing Lacrosse again.

The OLA has just released their guidelines for a “Return to Activity” in 2021. I would like everyone to know that your Association is working hard on a plan to offer the best possible lacrosse programs in Women’s Lacrosse, Men’s Field Lacrosse, and Box Lacrosse for 2021, while following all Heath & Safety protocols to keep you, our members safe. We are continuing to discuss different ways of returning to play, not only within our own organization, but possibly also with other organizations. We don’t as of yet have a definite date when programs will start, but we will be updating everyone with our plans in the coming weeks. Thank you very much for all your support and patience, and feel good knowing that Lacrosse is returning to Orangeville in 2021.


R. Kent Davis

OMLA President

“Up Hold the Tradition”

2021 Registration

Registration for the 2021 Northmen Women's Field and Minor Box programs coming soon!

Sending our deepest sympathies to the family of Bryan Jennings

It is with great sadness that we mourn the sudden passing of our long time friend Bryan Jennings.  Bryan was a volunteer, a coach, and a sponsor with the Northmen Minor Association and the Jr. A & B teams for many years.  

We all remember Bryan trying to sell us hotdogs and hamburgers at the Barry Burman BBQ's.  Some will also recall that he would even step between the posts when a team needed a goalie at practice.  The memories of his smile, humour and friendship will long be remembered.

The Orangeville Minor Lacrosse Association send our condolences to his family, he will be greatly missed by all of us.


R. Kent Davis


Orangeville Minor Lacrosse Association

Northmen News

Lacrosse Equipment

By Kim Bovaird (secretary) 08/17/2017, 10:00am EDT

Congratulations to Orangeville Northmen Phil Sanderson

Hockey And Lacrosse Are Very Similar Sports.

Hockey players excel in lacrosse and, in turn, they become markedly better hockey players. Both hockey and lacrosse are high tempo, physical team sports that have similar elements to the game. Both sports utilize 5 players and a goalie, three periods and strategy of developing odd-man situations to create scoring opportunities.

Comparatively, lacrosse is a much less expensive sport than hockey and uses much of the same protective upper body equipment.

Hockey Players Benefit From Lacrosse By Developing:

  • stick handling creativity
  • creativity in tight areas
  • creativity of fakes, back passes and shots
  • use of both hands
  • reading the play offensively
  • strong, dynamic defensive tactics
  • builds up strength and endurance
  • prevents sport burn-out by playing a new, fast-paced sport
  • increases hand-eye coordination
  • teaches players to be more aware of their surroundings
  • reinforces the importance of quickness and agility around the net
  • leadership skills
  • scoring skills are honed by shooting at smaller targets and picking corners

Coaching Clinics

Stay tuned!!!