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2018 Rep Box Tryouts

Team Tryout #1 Tryout #2 Tryout #3 Tryout #4
Intermediate April 23rd Tony Rose 8-10pm April 24th Tony Rose 8-10pm April 26th Tony Rose 8-10pm

Thinking About Trying Canada's National Summer Sport AND The Fastest Game On Two Feet???

The Orangeville Northmen Minor Lacrosse Club

is holding the following

Try It Days!!!

Thursday April 19th 6-7:30pm  Tony Rose A Floor

All you need is running shoes and a helmet!

Sticks provided!

All Northmen Lacrosse Registration is OPEN!!!

Former Caledon Players - Please Note:  Due to the recent dissolution of Caledon Minor Lacrosse, the Early Bird rates for Northmen Registration will still apply to any former Caledon members recently displaced.

Representative of The Ontario Lacrosse Association be contacting all Caledon members in the next few days to advise who your next-closest centre will be.  If Orangeville is your new Home Centre, please proceed to complete your registration and pay the full fees at this time.  Then please email:  and the $50.00 will be refunded to you in due course.

INTERMEDIATE PLAYERS:  Please note, there are no registration fees due upon registration for your division.  Once try-outs are completed, then fees will be collected based on which team

All Jr. Paperweight, Paperweight (2012-2015) and Northmen Girls (DOB 2012-2014) first time registrants get a FREE Lacrosse Stick!

**Early Bird Pricing has ended**





Coaching Clinics

Any coaches who are looking to register for a clinic can do so here:




    Hockey And Lacrosse Are Very Similar Sports.

    Hockey players excel in lacrosse and, in turn, they become markedly better hockey players. Both hockey and lacrosse are high tempo, physical team sports that have similar elements to the game. Both sports utilize 5 players and a goalie, three periods and strategy of developing odd-man situations to create scoring opportunities.

    Comparatively, lacrosse is a much less expensive sport than hockey and uses much of the same protective upper body equipment.

    Hockey Players Benefit From Lacrosse By Developing:

    • stick handling creativity
    • creativity in tight areas
    • creativity of fakes, back passes and shots
    • use of both hands
    • reading the play offensively
    • strong, dynamic defensive tactics
    • builds up strength and endurance
    • prevents sport burn-out by playing a new, fast-paced sport
    • increases hand-eye coordination
    • teaches players to be more aware of their surroundings
    • reinforces the importance of quickness and agility around the net
    • leadership skills
    • scoring skills are honed by shooting at smaller targets and picking corners