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Northmen Boys Field Rep Teams

Field Lacrosse Delayed

The Ontario Minor Field Lacrosse League and Ontario Lacrosse Association are currently looking at the opportunity to move the Spring Field Lacrosse Season to the late summer to early fall.

As a result of the postponement of spring field, the U19 Spring Field division has been cancelled for 2020.

We are expecting more information to be released throughout the next few weeks.  Please check both the and for up-to-date information.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to

-Michelle Hawton

2020 Field Lacrosse

Field Practices
All lacrosse activities are suspended until May 15th. We are hoping to return with a field lacrosse season in the late summer to early fall.

2020 Age Divisions

Birth Years
Game Day Field Location
U9-1 2012-2013 Justin Dixon TBA TBA
U9-2 2012-2013 Matthew Hand TBA TBA
U11-1 2010-2011 Ben Anyon TBA TBA
U11-2 2010-2011 TBA TBA TBA
U13-1 2008-2009 Blaine Burman TBA Travelling
U13-2 2008-2009 Liam Perro TBA Travelling
U15-1 2006-2007 Paul Falkiner TBA Travelling
U17-1 2004-2005 Brier Davis TBA Travelling

*Field locations subject to availability.


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FIL 2019-2020 Rulebook